Tina Thompson-Pope- CEO, Founder/Artistic Director


Athlete of God, Dancer, Mentor, Muse, Choreographer, Educator, Artistic Director and Fitness Guru are a just a few accomplishments that Tina Thompson has been recognized for in the community. With all of her accomplishments, awards and accolades she has received; first thing first she is a Woman of God. Tina Thompson believes that God has given us divine gifts and we have to share it in order to prosper mentally, physically and spiritually.

Tina Thompson is a Dance Choreographer and well respected fitness professional in New York City. Her background includes Full Scholarships/ Professional training and Performance experience at all Four institutions of Dance; Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Dance Theatre of Harlem and Juilliard. She helps spread her knowledge by teaching dance workshops and fitness events throughout the Tri-State Area.  She has been a leader in the Competitive Fitness world for a decade. She has numerous titles in World/ National Fitness and physique competitions. She has been a MS.FITNESS USA ambassador for the United States. Her contribution of fitness in the community has been life changing for people who have stumbled through many obstacles in their life when it comes to their health. For Tina Thompson it’s not about doing some jumping jacks and running in place. It’s about removing the barriers that have been blocks in your life in order to move forward. One of her favorites quotes are:

Pain is the reaction of the body, as long as you have the body, some pain is inevitable. Suffering is the contraction of the mind, and unlike pain, is optional. Don't add suffering to pain".



Tina Thompson, is the director of SKIN- The Tina Thompson Dance Company, which was established in 2003. Her company is based in New York City and her works have graced the stage of Ailey Citi-Corp Theater, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Symphony Space and Aaron Davis Hall. Tina Thompson created this company as a vehicle for artistic value and self expression through language of dance. She seeks to provide the opportunities, challenges and infrastructures for personal growth to its artists, students, community and future generation to come. Tina Thompson believes dance is a universal language by storytelling through movement. Her vision is to touch the audience members physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Her choreography touches matters of the heart and the everyday social epidemics; such as relationships, abuse, social warfare etc. that we go through in society.

Tina Thompson is a person who exudes great style and personality with confidence and expresses her own style and not letting others influence who she is or wants to be. Tina Thompson is a woman who carries character of strength, grace and discipline. Through the years of providing fitness and counseling, Tina has educated her local community about the importance of wellness. Her knowledgeable, caring, tenacious and passionate nature makes her a valuable catalyst in the Dance and Fitness communities.  THIS IS US!

Tina Thompson-Pope
Competition History:

2002 Ms. Fitness legacy, 1st runner-up
2003 Ms. Fitness USA, 11th Place
2004 Ms. Fitness USA, 8th Place
2004 Ms. Fitness New Jersey, 3rd Place
2004 OCB Ms. Fitness Iron City, 3rd place
2004 OCB Iron City- women's figure classic, 4th Place
2004 Fitness America NY Regional, 4th place

2004 Ms. Fitness North Eastern Regional, 3rd place
2005 Ms. Fitness USA, 6th Place
2005 Ms. Fitness Virginia- Fitness Champion

2005 Ms. Fitness Legacy, 2nd place

2006 Ms. Fitness USA, 1st runner-up

2006 Ms. Fitness World, 3rd place

2006 IFF Fitness Woman World, Fitness Ambassador/ Romania  

2006 Sansha Ambassador

2007 Ms. Fitness USA, 4th place

2008 Ms. Fitness Legacy, 4th place

2008 NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix, Fitness Champion

2008 NPC Eastern Fitness, 4th place

2009 Ms. Fitness USA, 9th place

2009 Ms. Fitness World Competitor

2010- MS. FITNESS WORLD COACH- Ms. Malaysia


Fitness is life! So when you do your best; you breathe, you achieve, and you grow more passionate in this crazy energy we call LIFE! Never leave YOU at home! Compete with yourself.


Artistic Director's Administration Team

  Natasha DeVaughn-Rigby- SKIN Associate Director (Senior Advisor)

  Josef Woodson- Company - Co-Associate Director SKIN 1

Lance Pope- Production/ Tour Manager/ Stage; Lighting Tech Operations 

 Frank Picon- Stage/ Production Operations Stage Manager

Antonio Gooding- Company Curator/ Host

Jessica Morales - Administrative Assistant/ Ensemble Assistant Director

Andrew Mark- Company Resident Photographer's

​ Facilitation Management (Arts Initiative Programming): Tina Thompson/ Janelle Barnett




Athletes of GOD- Dancers

Josef Woodson- Principal*

Wanda Waldon-Bey- Principal*

        Natasha DeVaughn Rigby- Principal*

Jessica Morales- Principal*

Janelle Barnett- Principal* Isaiah Little- Principal

Timothy Fountain- Sneed

Sheila Iniego

Shawnique Lord

Monica Barclift

Colby Christina

Law Artis


HUNTER College Campus Schools Initiative

Alana Yulis

Jordan Whitner

Layla Barnett

Ria Shivam

Ellie Chen

​Maria Calvario

​Georgiana Harris

Lauren Roberts

Alexandra Stillman






SKIN GUEST'S : Alvin Ailey 2, Caterina Rago Dance Company, Kaleidoscope Dance Company, Pure Project, Cecilia Marta, TANIMA DANCERS,  NYC FLAGGERS, BRIAN BROOKS, TERACE JONES, QUEENSBOROUGH COMMUNITY COLLEGE (EMILY BERRY), VISIONS CONTEMPORARY DANCE and More to come>