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Our Goal In the pursuit of its dreams and its elite production etiquette, SWEAT strives to position itself in the community as a responsible proponent of change and fearless integrity to the arts. Our Values are to uphold the integrity of our creative process; To recognize and respect each individual's contribution to our body of movement language; To extend the limits of the possible; To draw our inspiration from artistic and cultural diversities; To encourage and promote the potential everyone in the world deserves!

Tina Thompson, Founder/ Executive Director

Josef Woodson, School Facilitator Associate Director

Jessica Morales, Director of Youth Operations




Dance Performance/ Ensemble Training Program




By following in the footsteps of SKIN- the Tina Thompson Dance Company and "DANCING FOR THE DIVINITY" SKIN 2 aims to leave the audience in awe.  Our unique methods of training with Dance and Fitness Technique will cultivate a new breed of artist.  SKIN 2 programs provide youth with the opportunity to express themselves in ways like none other.  We shape, mold, and instill the importance of physical education and spiritual education. All of these talented young people are instructed on what it is to be a true artist, not only with movement training but life training.  The youth of SKIN 2 are accepted for who they are and in return gain great confidence and esteem within themselves.  Learning that they too can speak and be heard......


Founded by Tina Thompson, co-directed by Josef Woodson SWEAT IN SCHOOLS is a movement and organization designed to promote talent with cultivation of our youth with new generation artistry.  We aim to eliminate the low self-esteem and identity crisis in our communities.  We conduct a program like no other. We are unique and so are the children we are gifted to teach!

We will be holding our Gala event this APRIL 18, 2015. Please support the many talented and amazing artists out there who thought it was finished for them. 

  At SKIN Dance Company our reach is far.

Alvin Ailey Once said the 'dance is for everyone.'